29th March 2015 Unikeko

Progress following

7/4/15 - I hoped this would be short break, but apparently not. I drew so much that I hurt my wrist in the progress and caused it to inflammate, so no drawing for me before it gets better :C Thanks to all for your understanding and patience!

Welcome to Operton Fleux, a to-be webcomic created by Unikeko. It's been a lifelong project with many re-starts, and now I'm determined to pull it from beginning to end. But, learning from my past mistakes, I want a huge buffer before actually starting it. I try to keep this blog entry (and picture) updated on the progress, and as you can see we're past the midway already! If you want to see some spoilers and sneakpeaks, you can check and/or follow my livestream account!

I thank everyone for showing interest and supporting me along the way! This comic wouldn't be even at this stage without everyone.


Closer dates to be released as we get closer to the goal!